Henlo! I'm Mikkel Rask, a designer and open sourcerer based in Copenhagen.

I do graphics, front end development and project management, but I also love python, linux and hardware hacking. My focus is simplicity, speed and security.


With over 15 years of experience in graphic design and a strong focus on online media, web and UI design, I am a skilled visual craftsman who has worked on a diverse range of projects for clients including Danish banks, municipalities, hairdressers, political magazines, film producers, and rock bands. Proficient in all Adobe software applications, I am also an adept problem-solver and tinkerer who enjoys experimenting with programming.

Throughout my carrier, I've also worked with other freelance media professionals focus on their main gig, by offering services on a per project basis. This could for example be assisting a videographer as a Behind the Scenes photographer, or me being a Project Manager on their behalf, making sure all comminucations with their client is handled as best possible, while they can do what they do best, weather it be programming, copywriting, designing or whatever it might be.

Although I've never worked fully with programming myself per se, I have made websites counting in the hundres, managed and provisioned servers, led engineering teams inhouse as well as outsourced, held daily standup meetings, managed sprints, and have experience in finding creative solutions to make just about anything work. Outside of work, I am a hardware hacker while enthusiastically cosplaying sysadmin and enjoying setting up and managing networking and enterprise-level server equipment in my tiny home office.

In my free time, I play table tennis when the opportunity is present, I love to cook or make myself a hand-brewed coffee, play video games, and generally do what I can to spend all my waking hours with my creative assistant and therapist Lil' Homie.

You can also find me on CodePen, GitHub, Twitter, and Instagram.


I write about my work, my hobbies, and my life in general, but unless it's strict documentation, I tend to keep my writing in Danish, as it's a scarse ressource that i'd like to pitch in on!