Henlo! I'm Mikkel Rask, a designer and open sourcerer based in Copenhagen.

I do graphics, front end development and project management, but I also love python, linux and hardware hacking. My focus is simplicity, speed and security.


I am a result oriented visual craftsman, with 15+ years of experience in graphic productions of almost all kind, but with a special focus on online communication and social media content. During that time I have worked in almost all applications in Adobe's complete software suite - given some more than others. I have provided services for everything from Danish banks and municipalities, to hairdressers, political magazines, film producers and rock bands.

Along side graphics I always enjoy messing with some code. I don't call myself a programmer, more like a tinkerer, that can get stuff to work.

When I'm not being creative, you can often find me spending my free time cooking, playing video games and with my dog, or enjoying a cup of coffee.

You can also find me on CodePen, GitHub, Twitter, and Instagram.